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  • A wallpaper Steppes from Mongolia
  • ‘Journey In Diphonia’ – double DVD, prestigious edition – DVD1: Film 78 ‘/ DVD2: + 52’ of bonus (concert, scientific experiment bonus, making of, interviews of Johannni Curtet, Trân Quang Hai …) (Delivery: December 2017) – Unlimited Quantity. International shipping costs included.

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  • A wallpaper Steppes from Mongolia
  • Journey In Diphonia’ – double DVD, prestigious edition – DVD1: Film 78 ‘/ DVD2: + 52’ of bonus (concert, scientific experiment bonus, making of, interviews of Johannni Curtet, Trân Quang Hai …)
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Journey in Diphonia is a sequel of the documentary about khöömii (Mongolian overtone singing) and the works of the ethnomusicologist Johanni Curtet:

Maîtres de chant diphonique / Masters of Overtone Singing, 52mn, 2009 by Jean-François Castell.

Coproduction : Les Films du Rocher / La Curieuse / LmTV / TVR35, with the support of  Fonds pour la Création Musicale and Pays de la Loire Region.

Trailer of the Masters of Overtone Singing



From the Mongolian steppes to the most prestigious stages of world music in the West, through a unique scientific experiment, Journey In Diphonia will present the Mongolian khöömii in all its diversity and contemporaneity.


Accompanying an international tour promoting a reference record on khöömii with 12 Mongolian musicians and khöömii performers, Journey In Diphonia will tangentially present the results of more than 10 years of ethnomusicological research of Johanni Curtet as well as his roves in different provinces of Mongolia. We will escort him bringing this double-disc of which he is the initiator, to the participant musicians as well as to the descendants of the deceased masters of khöömii, who have been presented on the record An Anthology of Mongolian Khöömii.

Edition of this record on the label Buda Musique is the result of a long work started in 2010 with his spouse Nomindari Shagdarsuren to successfully elaborate the nomination dossier of khöömii for its inscription on the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO.

Through the Anthology project contributing to the khöömii heritage safeguarding, the film will show all facets of this traditional musical expression: the recent practice of women along with its ancestrally-masculine tradition, the young virtuosos, older masters, khöömii-bearing pastoral nomads, khöömii teaching in universities, and also the new generation of practitioners combining rock, current music trends and khöömii. In this way, the themes of tradition, transmission and contemporaneity will be in the heart of the documentary.

In addition to the precedent film, the approach of Journey In Diphonia will be more scientific: we will accompany 6 of the musicians invited for the Anthology tour in the Gipsa-lab, a laboratory of CNRS (National Centre of Scientific Research), in an attempt to solve with modern technology the mystery of this such unique vocal technique. Two musicians will advance the experiment further, by making khöömii in the tunnel of MRI scan of University Hospital Centre in Grenoble in order to report unprecedented medical imagery that allows to better understand the mechanism of vocal production of khöömii.

See the beginning of the shooting on the Facebook page of the film


Trân Quang Hai
Retired engineer of CNRS (Musée de l’Homme), distinguished musician and ethnomusicologist, specialist of overtone singing

Nathalie Henrich Bernardoni
Research fellow, CNRS, GIPSA-lab, Grenoble

Michèle Castellengo
Emeritus research director, CNRS, IJLRA, Paris

Dagvyn Luvsansharav
Distinguished Mongolian composer (1926-2014, filmed in Mongolia in 2011)


Without the joint determination of Jean-François Castell and Johanni Curtet, this film would still be in the state of synopsis or project. In the spring of 2016, with the support of Routes Nomades and Films du Rocher, we were able to start the shooting for free during the two months of the international tour of the Mongolian musicians who came to present the Anthology of the Mongolian khöömii record in advance. This is how we could use the opportunity of this period to shoot, on a voluntary basis, not only the tour but also the experiments with researchers at the Gipsa-lab-CNRS in Grenoble.
By remaining very modest, the real budget of such documentary should be around 60,000 €, but we are launching the challenge of finishing the production of this film with a budgetary contribution of only 25,000 €. It is the objective to be achieved for this crowd-funding campaign (1st level).

For presenting you this film in the best possible quality, we still lack funds for:

  • Travel in Mongolia in summer 2017
  • Remuneration for the montage, calculated at minimum
  • Payment of rights for the acquisition of archival images and respect for the intellectual property of the concerned musicians
  • Remuneration for translations of the Mongolian language and subtitles, calculated at minimum (the DVD will be translated into three languages: French, English and Mongolian)
  • Pressing of two DVDS: single movie DVD and DVD movie + bonus
  • Funding of the indispensable promotional tools (posters, press, etc.)

Although two local TV channels, Lm Tv Sarthe and TV8 Mont Blanc, have already signed up as co-producers of the film, their aid is not materialized by a monetary contribution. They help us by lending film materials for shooting and for post-production (finalizing the film, sound mixing, fine tuning, etc.).

The second and last part of the shooting in Mongolia is scheduled this summer, between June and July 2017. Even if the tickets for the trip to Mongolia have been bought, the budget for expenses on the spot is far from achieved!
This is why we need your collective support!
The more you support our film (even modestly), the more we will be able to get support from potential professional funders in complement.
Join our new cinematic adventure; we count on you to share this project quickly with your friends and all your contacts who could help us.


The collected budget will cover:

  • Travel expenses of the film crew on site in Mongolia for 45 days (meals + van trips with a driver + internal flights in Mongolia): 3000 €
  • Artistic rights (copyrights of khöömii performers, music, excerpts from archival films): 3000 €
  • Translation and subtitling: 2500 €
  • Montage room + montage + social security contributions for 4 months of work: 10 000 €
  • Post production costs not borne by the co-producers (storage & backup, DCP Digital: digital copy for festival distribution): 2000 €
  • DVD pressing (Film only) + Prestige Edition, double DVD: Film + Bonus (52 ‘): 2000 €
  • DVD authoring (design & navigation menus DVD): 500 €
  • Graphic design of the DVD – 500 € (site design + cover, promotional tools): 500 €
  • Fees related to the crowd-funding (license, site, sending of compensations, paypal percentage): 1500 €

Total: 25,000 € (level 1)

This film is the result of more than a year and a half of work for Jean-François Castell during which he wrote, developed and started filming without a budget. He decided to put his share of pay for the shooting.
As for the montage, it must be funded. It represents 4 months of work and also the largest item of the crowd-funding budget: 10,000 euros, half of which will be for social security contributions.
The second most important item is the travel in Mongolia. It is calculated as accurately as possible for a trip in van with a driver to go to several provinces in central and western parts of Mongolia, to meet the khöömii heritage bearers and performers who participated in the project.

If the film is realized, with respect of the intellectual property, it is normal to honor the image rights of the musicians who will appear in the documentary. This base is also calculated as a minimum. According to the possibilities of shooting, there will be between twenty and thirty musicians in the film, to which we foresee a minimum base of 100 to 150 euros each.

To date, Johanni Curtet and Nomindari Shagdarsuren have organized voluntarily the shooting of Jean-François Castell throughout the tour, notably thanks to some concert halls and festivals who accepted to host him with the Anthology tour team and allowed him to film the concerts and the everyday life of the tour. Johanni and Nomindari will also take care of all the logistics of the filming in Mongolia for free.

Johanni Curtet has worked voluntarily with Jean-François Castell for a year and a half on the writing of the film, drafting of the project proposals for funding and current synopsis.
For now, only remuneration for the translation of the many hours of rushes and the montage assistance is planned. For the rest, Johanni Curtet and Nomindari Shagdarsuren also decided to contribute the film by working on all the other relevant tasks on a voluntary basis.
To realize this site of independent crowd-funding, the graphic designer Milad Pasta (milpa@openmailbox.org) devoted several days of his work for free, as a contribution to the project.

Finally, the association Hors-Champs / Contre-Champs will volunteer all the management of the campaign, from the activation of website through the communication to the sending of compensations.


You can help us financially in exchange for compensation.
You can also help us spread the campaign by sharing it via email, social networks, websites and blogs, and talking to everyone who might be interested. This support is as important as financial help.
Whatever your financial participation, your name will be entered in the credits and on the website of the film to indicate that it is also thanks to you that the adventure will have seen the light of day!


Pay directly via paypal


  • January 15, 2017: Launch of the crowd-funding campaign and the start of the montage for the shooting made in France.
  • March 31, 2017: Closure of the crowd-funding campaign, level 1
  • April 1st, 2017: Sending of compensations other than DVD of ‘Journey In Diphonia’ and Mongolian scarf (Book, CD, DVD)
  • April 1 to May 31, 2017: Launch of the crowd-funding campaign, level 2 (if the amount of 25,000 € is not reached in level 1)
  • June to July 2017: Shooting in Mongolia
  • August to October 2017: Montage
  • November 2017: Screening of the film in Rennes and Paris in exclusivity and preview for the crowd-funding participants. Sending of the streaming version of the movie.
  • December 2017: Official release of the DVD and shipment to the crowd-funding participants.

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